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newbie questions on hotrod tc hawken specifics

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newbie questions on hotrod tc hawken specifics Empty newbie questions on hotrod tc hawken specifics

Post by robullelk 12/03/23, 01:59 pm

Hi, A lot of information is scattered all over the internet on live and dead links on how to hotrod a hawken/renegade, bullet/lead types, powder, sights, barrels, and I found this forum because I googled idaholewis in the hopes of finding specifics and details on his setup. When I first saw idahorob's elk kill on accurate reloading I was sold and managed to acquire a new 4 digit tc hawken. I have spoken to Rice about their 32" 15/16 barrel in .50 cal. So I am getting started. It would be good to know specifics on front and rear sites, i.e., not generic descriptions like "soule" or "vernier," but the actual specific product that folks here have used successfully so that newbies like me can go search for it and buy it. Similarly with bullet/lead/mold, powder specifics. I live in montana. A lot of hunting is above tree line and maybe you have a scrub of sage on a big wide flat to cover you, so reaching out realistically for a humane kill would be good, and having the specific info and data from folks who have done this would be good. If all this is already gathered in a single place on this forum, great point me to it, else maybe we can gather it all from you folks with the experience in one place. I know ithe subject evolves, but I thought the name of this particular forum would be a good place for it as people learn from experience. Thanks in advance. Robert


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