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22 conversion cylinder for percussion.

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22 conversion cylinder for percussion. Empty 22 conversion cylinder for percussion.

Post by Fielder 01/04/23, 03:28 pm

Fits some Armi San Martin, Uberti, Pietta, Siler, genuine Colt series 2 or 3.  1860 Army, 1861 Navy, 1851 Navy
Pietta 1860 they say is OK, but takes fiddling. The other Piettas are fine (1851, 1861).

This works fine on my Pietta 1851 Navy Captain Schaeffer, and Siler 1851 Navy. I don't have any ASM nor 1860s nor 1861.

22 shorts, and longs fit fine. for LR there may not  be room in the cylinder cut out area to slide the .22LR in. But you can remove the cylinder with the wedge and slide them in, and put the cylinder back.
Even .22LR they say will slide in without removing cylinder in some of the above guns.
Someone else (not me made a video).
Buffalo Arms have these at a little cheaper price than direct from Kirst website.


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