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Black powder .44-40 @ 300 meters

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Black powder .44-40 @ 300 meters Empty Black powder .44-40 @ 300 meters

Post by George_Kelley 01/12/21, 09:15 pm

w30qxf wrote:It was windy so, unfortunately, there is a lot of wind noise. My apologies.

The targets are the steel javelina on bank 7 the 2nd distance out.
They stand at 300 meters (327 yards) from the muzzle.

Had a good run in spite of the wind...5x5 from a rest. Smile Pretty darn good for a cartridge / rifle developed way back in 1873.

What fun!

Ammunition is 44-40 blackpowder using bullets from Accurate Mold 43-210B bullet (Fairshake development) which is a copy of the 427098 (original 44-40 bullet) except that the bullets are .429" diameter and have a flat bottomed lube grooves. Lube - SPG

Powder is SWISS FFG in 37 gr. doses by weight, ignited by Remington 2 1/2 primers. Velocity = 1,300 f.p.s.

Approx 50 b.p. rounds had been fired prior to these five. No cleaning nor blowtubing was done throughout.

Back in 1875, Winchester said that their '73 Winchester was effective and accurate out to 500 to 600 yards.......still true today.....130+ years later....

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Impressive! Shocked

I had a Cimmaron reproduction 1873 Winchester saddle ring carbine and could only hit out to 100yds. At 200yds I could not get on paper to see where I needed to adjust.

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Black powder .44-40 @ 300 meters Empty Re: Black powder .44-40 @ 300 meters

Post by Admin 01/12/21, 11:54 pm

I wish i had a Range like that to Shoot at! Thanks for sharing the Video Black powder .44-40 @ 300 meters 3355125947


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