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The Bullshop

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The Bullshop  Empty The Bullshop

Post by Admin 30/12/21, 07:22 pm

Bullshop’s Contact, Website, Etc.

Hey guy’s i get asked this a Lot, so figured i would make it a Sticky here in the Casting section. As many of you know i am a BIG Fan of Bullshop’s Bullets and Their NASA Lube, in Fact It was Bullshop Bullets that made me a Believer in Grease Groove Bullets, Dan was Super Helpful to me several years ago when i first started Muzzleloading, He explained to me the Importance of a Quality Bullet Lube, and how much affect Lube can have on Accuracy, What Velocity to look for Etc. I can say that he was SPOT ON Right, Dan is a very Knowledgeable Guy

Any of you looking for HIGH Quality Home Cast Bullets, and the Best Bullet Lube that i have ever used, Contact The Bullshop  The Bullshop  3355125947
The Bullshop
PO box 240030
Dell, MT 59724

Email:   bullshop@3rivers.net

Website:  https://bullshop.weebly.com/bullets.html

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The Bullshop  Empty Re: The Bullshop

Post by bullshop 23/01/22, 12:44 pm

I just found this and must say that I am blushingly flattered. Thank you Sir!


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