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Mcarbo trigger kits

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Mcarbo trigger kits Empty Mcarbo trigger kits

Post by Bronko22000 07/04/22, 05:07 pm

A couple years ago I purchased a Savage Axis rifle in 350 Legend. A really nice little and accurate rifle but the trigger was a bit on the heavy side. (What they call a lawyer's trigger).
I did some searching on the web and found a veteran owned company called Mcarbo (mcarbo.com) and saw they had a trigger kit for the Savage Axis, non-accutrigger. Ordered and watched the video on how to install and had it installed in about 20 mins. Would have been quicker but I was having a bit of a problem aligning the retaining pin with my gorilla paws!.
Result is a trigger that breaks at 3.5 lbs with zero creep or side to side wobble like the original set up. Their stuff is well worth the price and is just as advertised.

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