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Wool Felt Powder Wads

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Wool Felt Powder Wads Empty Wool Felt Powder Wads

Post by EdMehlig 19/05/22, 02:20 pm

I've been purchasing my Wool Felt Wads from Flintlocks LLC for several years now. Mike Eder the owner sells 100 of the 1/8" Unlubed Wads for $5.50. Lubed wads are $6.00. I just ordered 400 of them and with the $6 shipping, it came to $28.

Cleaning Patches are as follows:

1-1/2" 100ct $2.10

500ct $7.90

2" 100ct $3.10

500ct $12.90

2-1/2" 100ct $4.30

500ct $21.85

He also sells a lot of other ML stuff, flints, powder measures, cappers and a bunch of other stuff, but you will need to call to find out the cost. Unfortunately, he does not have a website, but he's always been great to deal with and is prompt on delivery.

For those who are interested, you can order them at Flintlocks LLC 6929 Beech Tree Rd. Nineveh, Indiana 46164 (317) 993-3441.

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Wool Felt Powder Wads Empty Re: Wool Felt Powder Wads

Post by Bronko22000 19/05/22, 07:22 pm

Ed I bought a couple thousand wads several years ago of different diameters. But now I'm going to start making my own. As for patches I've been using pillow ticking. I buy it by the yard at Walmart for <$5 a yard and it last forever. Its just me but the more I can do myself the more satisfaction I get out of shooting.
Make my own balls/bullets, patches, lube. Now I'm soon going to try my hand at making my own powder.

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