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My new Bergara 22 LR

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My new Bergara 22 LR Empty My new Bergara 22 LR

Post by Bronko22000 08/06/22, 12:41 pm

Took my new 22 out today and was going to try several different brands of ammo but after shooting CCI std vel I didn't see any need.
I sighted it in at 25 yards then put a target out at 50 and started shooting. Below target is my results. After firing 20 shots to break in the barrel a bit I made a slight scope adjustment and shot 5 more. I love this little rifle and the Leupold 4.6 - 16X scope makes shooting it accurately a breeze.
My new Bergara 22 LR Begara10

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My new Bergara 22 LR Empty Re: My new Bergara 22 LR

Post by Lonewolf 08/06/22, 04:31 pm

Looks like it Shooting good


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