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Over powder patch questions

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Over powder patch questions Empty Over powder patch questions

Post by Timberrat77 16/12/22, 08:40 am

I have a tc renegade 50&54 cal. I have never used a patch over powder. I watch your videos on it and have some questions. Using a ball should you just use a regular. 18 patch? Or a heavier wool patch? Or just use the wool patch for conicles?


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Over powder patch questions Empty Re: Over powder patch questions

Post by Kurt 30/12/22, 10:54 pm

I don't think Idaho participates here anymore. I use a patch cut from cardboard egg cartons for my hunting loads to keep the patch or bullet lube from leeching into the powder charge. I can not remember if the purpose of Idaho's patching was for that purpose or to protect the bullet. I will guess the latter.


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