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Jan 14, 2023

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Jan 14, 2023 Empty Jan 14, 2023

Post by Kurt 14/01/23, 09:14 pm

I killed a modest buck in archery, on November 8th, after I voted and I have been trying to get a doe since. I tell myself I should shoot the does first and then wait for bucks but I keep passing up the does for a chance to see a buck and end up trying till late to get a doe for meat.

I think I have been out every day this week and this evening I was walking in at 3 PM. I got to where I wanted to stand checked the wind and, as quietly as I could, broke branches and briars till I had a shooting lane. I took my chair off my back, unfolded it, and took a seat resting the 50 flintlock on my monopode.

This may be the first time in my 58 years of hunting things went as I imagined they would in my plan. At about 4:45 PM a deer showed its head off to my right and then a group of seven slowly made their way toward my cleared lane.

Their hair was puffed up to insulate out the cold and this always makes them look like yearlings to me but once a yearling actually showed I pick out a big doe and put the sights on her. The rifle made a nice hollow boom and she jumped just enough that I knew I hit her. The direction she headed had her climbing about a 30 degree grade with about 75 yards to the top. She made it 70 and stopped. She tried to go again and I saw her legs churning but she wasn't gaining anything. When she stood still again she went down.

I watched a bit and decided I didn't need to reload the rifle and sat it down against a tree, walked to the deer, put a rope around the neck, and dragged it over the crusted snow to the level area from where I shot. I then made a trip to my vehicle to stow my rifle and get my lantern. Back down in again I quarter the deer and then made two trips carrying out meat and a third for my chair and lantern.

I hope I can do this next year cause I've got a new plan! Shoot one of the small ones!

It is 10:45, my hands are still cold and my feet were cramping when I put my slippers on. I bet I don't sleep with leg cramps so I'm hydrating in the hope it helps.

I have to work on my rear sight as I hit high again. No blood trail, bleeding into the body cavity, even though the roundball passed through


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