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"Custom" 1911 grips

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"Custom" 1911 grips Empty "Custom" 1911 grips

Post by CaptainNarwhals 02/01/22, 11:27 am

I wanted slimmer grips for my 1911, but searching far and wide I couldn't find anything that struck my fancy. I ended up getting unfinished cherry and maple grips from LS grips, planing them down, and adding "tiger claws" with a dremel. Came out a little rough but they feel great in the hand! "Custom" 1911 grips 20220110

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"Custom" 1911 grips Empty Re: "Custom" 1911 grips

Post by Admin 03/01/22, 06:43 am

They look nice "Custom" 1911 grips 3355125947

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