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Hello from Quebec

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Hello from Quebec  Empty Hello from Quebec

Post by LR_Smoker 15/01/22, 09:57 am

I blame it all on Covid.
I’ve been busy for a while doing family and hunting stuff and didn’t get around to finding the New Forum. I’m relieved to see that there is a place that both IdahoLewis and the rest of us can post and follow tabs on muzzleloading shooting without being censored by ignorant people. As usual I can only say that I hold IdahoLewis in the highest regard for his honest fact and evidence based analysis of our hobby. I expect to be impressed by the knowledgeable people that post on this forum and although I don’t ever seem to be quick enough to be able to post a reasonable reply to a question I do follow as many as I can to see what the eventual solution is.
Stay safe

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Hello from Quebec  Empty Re: Hello from Quebec

Post by Admin 15/01/22, 06:46 pm

Thank you for the kind words LR_Smoker, Welcome to the Forum, Glad to have you here Hello from Quebec  3355125947

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