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Hey from SW Montana

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Hey from SW Montana Empty Hey from SW Montana

Post by LoganSprings 27/01/22, 05:30 pm

Like to introduce myself, im from SW Montana.  Shoot a 62 cal patched round ball for hunting in restricted areas and in the new traditional season Montana just opened.  I started off wanting a Don Brown kit but he passed away before i got it.  I found the parts from various outlets and put together a "stalker" ie; swamped rice barrel in Alex Henry model.  We built it on a full length stock without pistol grip.  Its easy to hold and not to heavy. I shoot 120 grn of FF and use 0.1 grease lube patch in 54 cal with approximately 340 gr round balls from Track of the wolf.   I am looking to build another rifle in Alex Henry style but short stock in 45 cal to shoot long heavy bullets.  I have a LED front site and skinner peep just ahead of the breach plug.  i have had trouble in very low light conditions with a halo from the LED site.  I'm thinking have adding a partial hood for the front site and getting a short range tang site that would mount on the rear part of tang.  I have been told that the closer the peep to your eye the better.  

This year i held my shots as the days we hunted were strong winds.  We are hoping to do better with the bullet or round ball which should have better bc for winding conditions.  I was not successful for Elk this year but have kild 3 or 4 whitetails in the past.  i enjoy bow hunting rifle hunting and of course i love to fish.  Any suggestions on my setup and future project would be appreciated.


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Hey from SW Montana Empty Re: Hey from SW Montana

Post by Admin 01/02/22, 12:04 am

Welcome to the Forum LoganSprings, Glad to have you here Hey from SW Montana 3355125947

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Hey from SW Montana Empty Re: Hey from SW Montana

Post by SharpTexan 12/02/22, 02:03 pm



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Hey from SW Montana Empty Re: Hey from SW Montana

Post by Bronko22000 13/02/22, 02:55 pm

Welcome Logan.... Ever since I started hunting out west I just love it there. I enjoy just sitting out on a clear night and staring at that beautiful starlit sky. And during the day some of the scenery is just gorgeous. Love the rockies.

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Hey from SW Montana Empty Re: Hey from SW Montana

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