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Maybe we can all share tips.

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Maybe we can all share tips. Empty Maybe we can all share tips.

Post by Bronko22000 10/04/22, 07:46 am

I'm sure we all have a tip or two we can share that doesn't involve hunting or shooting so why not share your knowledge with all of us.
Here's another that a friend told me and has come in handy a couple times for me. I know some of the newer vehicles have a safety mechanism in them that prevents you from locking the doors when the keys are in the vehicle (at least in the ignition) but a lot of vehicles don't.

TIP: Have an extra key made and put it in a sandwich/snack plastic bag and tape it to your tail light wires with several wraps of electrical tape.

You lock your keys in the vehicle or lose them while hunting you can still open your vehicle and get home.

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Maybe we can all share tips. Empty Re: Maybe we can all share tips.

Post by JCamp 15/04/22, 12:59 am

I like building. When cutting on a tablesaw/miter saw it circular saw remember to cut the edge of your marked line that is on the outside of your measurement otherwise you’ll be short the thickness of your blade. Also when building with lumber that might be bowed or something you can sometime use a ratchet strap to pull it one way or another. And when a board has a slight twist instead of trying to used a hammer to beat it into submission you can use a pipe wrench or long clamp to twist it to the desired position then nail or screw it in place.


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