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Forum Farewell

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Forum Farewell Empty Forum Farewell

Post by Admin 24/04/22, 07:54 am

Well Guy’s i have decided it’s time for me to let the Forum life go, Thanks to the nearly 300 members that Joined here, Sorry it didn’t work out, I genuinely tried, But i just don’t have the Desire anymore. I don’t have the same Care, and ambition i use to have with Forums, in Fact i have come to Hate everything about Forums.

I made Bronko and Ed Mehlig Moderators here yesterday, Both are Good Guy’s Forum Farewell 3355125947  Jonathan (Buckskins&blackpowder) is an Administrator, and who designed this Forum for me, What happens to this Forum from here on is up to these 3 Guy’s

Thanks Fella’s,  Lewis

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Forum Farewell Empty Re: Forum Farewell

Post by Buckskins&BlackPowder 24/04/22, 10:52 am

We'll take care of it for you Lewis.  I know the feeling buddy. Forums right now are just on the slow side. They'll pop back once social media dies out.

Buckskins & Black Powder

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