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Good day at the range

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Good day at the range Empty Good day at the range

Post by Bronko22000 08/06/22, 12:36 pm

Took my Hoyt .45 cal 1:20 rebarrel out again today to try some 340 gr I-bullets Ed sent me and some other bullets I cast. I can't argue with the results. First target is at 50 yards. Target included some 22 LR hold from my new Bergara at 50 yards. The bullets low left are the 340 gr I bullets. Three shot right about 1" with a called pulled shot.
Second target is at 100 yards with 3 shots at 1.25". The single lower bullet is my 355 gr RNFP bullet. With a rear peep and globe front that ain't too shabby if I must say so myself. Ed's recommendation to drop down to 60 gr of FFFg was spot on. A tad high at 100 put me 6" high at 50. This sight setting should put me dead on at 125.
Good day at the range Hoyt_510
Good day at the range Hoyt_110

I am not in competition with anyone and have no desire to be better than anyone else. I simply try to be a better person today than I was yesterday.
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Good day at the range Empty Re: Good day at the range

Post by EdMehlig 08/06/22, 01:27 pm

I'd be happy with that! The Deer won't. Good day at the range 1f601

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