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Well I did it

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Well I did it Empty Well I did it

Post by Bronko22000 18/06/22, 09:03 am

After watching a couple videos on how to harden a frizzen I decided to do it myself.  I ordered some hardening compound from Brownells and without acetelyne and torches I bought a can of MAPP gas and used my soldering torch.  
My Pedersoli Frontier rifle was sparking but not a lot so I decided that would be the test frizzen. I would have had to buy another anyway.  
So here are the steps performed in order:
- remove the frizzen from the rifle
- polish the face of the frizzen to a mirror finish.  this is the most time consuming step in the entire process.I used a dremel tool with a sanding wheel and then polished with 400 grit wet emery paper. DO NOT go across the frizzen. Only up and down the face.
- clamp the toe of the frizzen in a pair of vice grips.  this act as a sink to protect the toe from excessive heat.
- heat the frizzen from the back side until cherry red.  The directions say to dip the frizzen into the compound but every video I saw they sprinkled the compound on with a spoon so that's what I did.
- Keep the frizzen cherry red (do not let it get yellow hot) and let the compound cook off for at least 2 mins.  I let mine cook for 3 mins.
- quench the frizzen in HOT water and swirl it around to cool it quickly.
- brush off any excess compound and polish the portion of the frizzen that covers the pan (this isn't really necessary but makes it easy to see the next step)
- set the backside of the frizzen on a brick or block and begin heating the pan area of the frizzen.  IMPORTANT: heat until it turns blue and just until the blue goes around the corner to the face of the frizzen
  then let air cool. This is necessary so the entire frizzen isn't too hard and cracks or breaks when struck with the flint.
- reinstall frizzen

Your done.  My frizzen now makes so many sparks it looks like a 4th of July sparkler.

I have a few other frizzens from my T/Cs so I will post a video when I get around to redoing them.

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Well I did it Empty Re: Well I did it

Post by Lonewolf 18/06/22, 09:26 am

Good job!


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Well I did it Empty Re: Well I did it

Post by UFFDA 18/06/22, 12:21 pm

Thanks for the advice. I'll try your process on a pistol. Tried couple times before with no success.


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Well I did it Empty Re: Well I did it

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