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rebore from 54 to 58

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rebore from 54 to 58 Empty rebore from 54 to 58

Post by bullshop 24/07/22, 11:51 am

I have an old 54 cal that is a bit rough inside. I am considering reboring to 58 . I am in need of help finding someone the can rebore and re-rifle.. Appreciate all leads. Thanks!


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rebore from 54 to 58 Empty Rebore 54 to 58cal

Post by TD BRIGHT 10/12/23, 06:13 pm

used Mr. R.A. Hoyt
2379 Mt,Hope Rd.
Call him first
Bobby did a great job on my Renegade 54 to 58 .he is old school only phone calls personal check.he has done two barrels for me.good luck


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