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Greetings from Kansas

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Greetings from Kansas Empty Greetings from Kansas

Post by Dylan84 28/09/22, 08:16 am

Been into shooting for quite awhile and had messed around with an inline when I was a kid. Finally bought my own black powder rifle at a rendezvous on a whim. It is a 50 Jonathon Browning Mountain Rifle from I think the 70's. A little rough around the edges but shoots good.

I got a .495" ball mould and recrowned the barrel in the lathe. I am already addicted to shooting it! Been using some pyrodex that I scabbed onto from my Dad and some friends but ordered some real black powder.

I caught your youtube channel and found your forum through the comments. Thanks for making great content and thanks for the forum!


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Greetings from Kansas Empty Re: Greetings from Kansas

Post by squattingdog 28/09/22, 11:13 am

Welcome from Colorado.

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