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smoothbore deer hunt

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smoothbore deer hunt Empty smoothbore deer hunt

Post by thesethawa 13/10/22, 07:06 am

Arkansas muzzleloader season starts in two days, and I am taking out a smoothbore .69 cal 1842 springfield musket(repro). I'm just gonna be hunting the deer in my back yard... They've been wreaking havoc on my garden the last few years. I'll back it up with a .50 cal Lyman Plains pistol and a cap and ball revolver if game and fish allows those.

I wonder if I should put out some nut grub and try to get them a bit closer to my little blind? Thoughts and opinions?


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smoothbore deer hunt Empty Re: smoothbore deer hunt

Post by George_Kelley 13/10/22, 02:43 pm

That musket should be fine out to 70 yards.

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