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.36 cal 1-24” inline

Ivan Wagurak
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Post by Admin 15/01/22, 06:31 am

Shorty wrote:Just wondering what kind of trajectory path you get with that 500 grain bullet. What zero you use. Can you show us that with the particulars,  powder kind, charge, sub base, 11 cap, ect. As i too have the .54 and am very interested as i have seen you shoot it at 1,000 yds.😱👍

500 Yards is as far as i have shot the .54 Cal, and That was a Stock 1:48 Twist TC Renegade Rifle. Powder was 80 Grains by Weight of Swiss 2F, 1/8 Wool Felt Over Powder Wad, CCi #11 Caps. From my 100 Yard Zero I come up about 20 Feet, I would need to go back and look at my sight settings to be exact, but 20 Feet is super close.

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