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Post by 30338 09/03/22, 05:50 am

Hello All, Been a long time fan of IdahoLewis posts on other forums. Stumbled upon this site and thought it sounded great. I've muzzleloaded off and on since I was in my 20s. Started out killing my first elk ever with a T/C Renegade. Last few years have been good for me hunting.

Had a righthand Hawken in 54 built for me by a guy named Jim Trueblood. A real gentleman and craftsman in CA. Then got lucky and found a lefthanded 58 built by John Bergman. Have killed quite a few deer and antelope with those two.

And one that will get shot some more this year is the old T/C setup with a LRH 45 barrel. In bedding a few dozen rifles over the years, I succeeded in sticking the forearm forever on a Savage 99 for my first try ever. Had a great run of luck with many different bolt guns. Then managed to forever glue the LRH barrel into the Renegade by being distracted that day lol. So it'll get cleaned while assembled lol. Not too worried about it.

Anyway, that's my background and love the sport and the history involved. I am blessed to own ground on the Old Smoky Hill River Trail in KS so I get to daydream on a river bluff in the fall with one of the Hawkens tagging along.


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Post by Admin 09/03/22, 06:38 am

Welcome to the Forum, Glad you joined us Latest new guy 3355125947


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Post by Bronko22000 09/03/22, 08:46 am

Welcome.  As for your bedding job.  I go by the rule "apply enough release agent - then apply more"! I found the best stuff is Johnson's Paste Wax.

Also a good bedding compound is Devcon 10100

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