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Pedersoli Tryon .50 cal

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Pedersoli Tryon .50 cal  Empty Pedersoli Tryon .50 cal

Post by Maxjon 28/03/22, 01:01 am

Hi all...I'm considering a .50cal Hawken with the universal ball/bullet 1/48 twist for target shooting at various distances from 25m to maybe 500m. Anyone have a recommendation? The Pedersoli Tryon seems to have the scores on the board....I'm thinking PRB out to 200, and bullets beyond for some gong ringing fun!
Thanks in advance guys!!


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Pedersoli Tryon .50 cal  Empty Re: Pedersoli Tryon .50 cal

Post by PUKATEA BOY 45 23/04/22, 10:58 pm

I've never shot a Tyron , but have seen a few. They seem to be quite capable rifiles & if you look at Pedosolis catalog, they rate fairly high in the target shooting stakes 👍


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