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Seeking a grant writer for film project (muzzleloading)

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Seeking a grant writer for film project (muzzleloading) Empty Seeking a grant writer for film project (muzzleloading)

Post by George_Kelley 01/09/22, 11:53 pm

I wish to do a film project where traditional muzzle loading firearms are used for hunting large game in the Pacific NorthWest region.

There is a great need for this film project, much of the hunting video industry only shows modern inlines on "muzzleloading hunting videos". I wish to demonstrate that traditional muzzleloading rifles will get the job done to a skeptical public. There are a few YouTubers that use traditional muzzleloaders, but they are only hunting small game and deer. I want to show successful hunts on large game like elk, bear, bison, and moose.

This endeavor is well beyond my means, but there are organizations that grants money to film projects. I just don't know how to go about writing grant proposals.

Is there anyone willing to donate their time in helping me get this project started? I am thinking that there will be money for salaries if there is funding.

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