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Love, Death, & Robots - The Secret War

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Love, Death, & Robots - The Secret War Empty Love, Death, & Robots - The Secret War

Post by George_Kelley 02/12/21, 10:55 pm

This is a great horror-action animated film.

I always find myself wargaming most kinds of horror films. If I were that Soviet officer, most of the soldiers would have M1891 Mosin-Nagant rifles and I would have drilled them in the British square formation with fixed bayonets. The wall of steel would give them protection as they fire volleys into the mass of creatures rushing at them. The 7.62x57mmR cartridge is going to have much more power than the 7.62x25mm.
I would only equip the engineers with the PPSh-41 submachine guns as they must go into the caves to set the charges.

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