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Bergara BMR Ammo Test

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Bergara BMR Ammo Test Empty Bergara BMR Ammo Test

Post by Bronko22000 15/06/22, 12:44 pm

Went to the range today to test a bunch of different types of ammo to see what shot best out of my Bergara BMR 22 LR. I had 10 different types of ammo and shot 5 shots of each shooting 5 shot groups in no particular order letting the barrel cool for about 2 mins between groups.
Turns out the rifle like Federal Target and CCI Mini-Mags the best followed closely by Norma Tac 22. Both Remington Target, Cyclone and High Velocity were horrible. Aguila and CCI Std Velocity were OK but nothing to brag about. The three different Win types I shot generally shot good but each one had a flyer. More shooting would have to determine if they were inconsistent.
All ammo was shot at 50 yards using a Caldwell Bi-pod and sand bags on the butt. Rifle has a very nice trigger and is topped with a Leupold 4.5 - 14X Vari X III.

-Bergara BMR Ammo Test Bmr_am10

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