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WARNE Customer Service

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WARNE Customer Service Empty WARNE Customer Service

Post by EdMehlig 27/06/22, 03:02 pm

I use exclusively Warne QR Low Mounts for all of my Muzzleloaders. I currently own 5 of them. The other day I was taking one off to put on another ML and I must have loosened it too much and the screw came out and I lost the spring. I emailed Warne and they shipped two to me right away at no charge the next day. I said to myself WOW now that's how Customer Service should be. Well I received the springs and tried to re-install it, but the screw kept on coming out. As best as I tried I could not screw it in. I thought maybe I put the spring in backwards which prevented me from screwing it in. Well, I tried putting it together without the spring and got the same results. So I sent another email to Warne and asked how much would it cost to repair it. They wrote back, just mail both rings back to us we will say it was under warranty and we will replace it at no charge. So I have it all packaged up and will be off to them tomorrow.

I wish all companies took care of their customers that way not to mention the prompt customer service and quick response via emails! WARNE Customer Service 3355125947

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WARNE Customer Service Empty Re: WARNE Customer Service

Post by Del Gue 27/06/22, 05:26 pm

That is good to know Ed. Always a good thing to buy from companies who stands behind their products and give good customer service. I have a couple of Warne QR's on my White's as well. They work great.

Del Gue

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