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Open sight options optima pistol

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Open sight options optima pistol Empty Open sight options optima pistol

Post by Dasblanc 06/11/22, 11:15 pm

When I ordered my pistol it only came with a scope base but here in washington open sights are required so finding the only sights listed for the cva pistol were 50.00 each from ebay as every where else was out of stock. I opted to use rifle sights but bump up my front sight useing optima rifle sights. I used pvc schedule 40 3/4" pipe I traced base of front sight then drilled screw hole.
You must heat up barrel and pvc with heatgun then screw it all down till cool. I did a final file finish and black out useing birchwood casy super black matte on edges. Rifle sights will cause pistol to be +-18" high at 25yds so bumping up front sight +-3/16" will correct this. Hope this helps others when stock DURASIGHTS are not available.Open sight options optima pistol 20221110
Open sight options optima pistol 20221111


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