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Loading for accuracy

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Loading for accuracy Empty Loading for accuracy

Post by Johan Smit 25/11/22, 12:08 am

I get two opinions. Either do not crush the powder with excessive loading pressure
or bounce the ramrod on the bullet.
Both cannot be correct, and I always look for better accuracy.
Please look at "Vintage muzzleloading rifle problem-solving review" by Flatbrokegunner on youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RA-Fjt-c7fA
I admit to trying the ramrod bounce idea and it does appear to improve accuracy.
Still, I do not want to go down a wrong road. Please tell.

Johan Smit

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Loading for accuracy Empty Re: Loading for accuracy

Post by Dasblanc 11/12/22, 08:39 pm

I personally can not stand to watch someone slam bouncing the ramrod down on a bullet/load I just want to start yelling Hey SpongeBob KNOCK THAT OFF. All it takes for me is a consistent firm press of about 10-15 lbs pressure I believe Idaho Lewis answers this task much clearer in one of his YouTube videos


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