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first time fishing in 10 years yeaterday

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first time fishing in 10 years yeaterday Empty first time fishing in 10 years yeaterday

Post by deerstalkert 07/06/23, 06:16 pm

I was born addicted to the twitch of a rod tip. due to life and whatever i stopped fishing about 10 years ago.
yesterday i went with my sisters, my daughter, my wife and 92 year old brother to a sweet little lake close by.
got there about 12 0'clock so the bite was not good. there were some DV brothers on the other end of the dock so as we got to talking the lies and such got to flying.
well the bite started about 2 o'clock and every one else were catching some nice rainbows in the 14-16 inch range.
i finally got a bite, so i set the hook like i was trying to rip its lips off. rusty .
well that fish started peeling off line so fast, everyone thought i had a lunker on. That fish had the ugly stick bent double and i remembered just what i love about fishing.
Finally calmed the fish down enough to bring him in. so with everyone on the dock watching and waiting to see the world record fish, i hoisted it out of the water.
by the tail. about 11 inches long. some how i snagged that bugger right at the base of its tail.
can still hear everybody laughing! first time fishing in 10 years yeaterday 1139610133


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