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Lyman getting into shape and going on a diet

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Lyman getting into shape and going on a diet Empty Lyman getting into shape and going on a diet

Post by Big Sky Bryan 14/02/22, 06:56 pm

In December 2020 I bought one of the last Investarms Lyman 54 GPR's and they sure suck for fit & finish. I bought it, because it was an affordable flinter and they have had a reputation of being a reliable ml and the older ones were nicer than the newer ones. It came in and just as I suspected the wood was so proud all of the metal, screws, keys etc. were like 3/16" below the surface not to mention a real chunk of a gun and lousy finish work. I finally decided yesterday while the weather was nice to take it apart and start sanding with a orbital sander. I spent about 2 hours yesterday and 6 today and I'm now on the fine grit and will need to do some more detail work in various places, but it's on it's way to being a gun I will enjoy and not neglect. In the days to come I hope to finish the wood minus putting some kind of finish on it as I will likely want to do some more modifying once I hunt and shoot with with it some more. I will be taking a file to all the fricking owners manual and warning label engraved in the barrel and giving all the metal minus the lock and trigger stuff a vinegar bath to rid the bluing. I'd like to maybe go all natural metal and let it get petinated on it's own although I take care of stuff too good for that. I do not want another barn red gun as that's what it looks like to me practially I'd rather stay light colored. It is accurate although the rear site and maybe front are going by, by and likely the lock and flashhole too.

Have any of you done what I'm hoping to end up with if so can you show me a photo? Thanks!
Big Sky Bryan
Big Sky Bryan

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Lyman getting into shape and going on a diet Empty Re: Lyman getting into shape and going on a diet

Post by George_Kelley 14/02/22, 08:44 pm

Consider going traditional with a plum brown finish on the metal parts, aqua fortis stain on the wood stock with a linseed oil finish.

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